About Us


We’re Megan and Ben, two natural born adventurers that somehow managed to get caught up in the 9-5. Join us as we try to work out how to make every day a weekend and live a more active and interesting life.

So why Stay Intrigued? Whether it’s our love for a road trip, wild camping or the great outdoors, we want to stay curious. From planning a 5-day expedition in the mountains to the feeling of picking up our car keys, with no destination in mind and just enjoying the journey. We want to escape our cities lives, slow down and do the things we really care about, every day.

Our dream is to build our own home. We want to move from Hove, in the South East of England to the Highlands in Scotland. We have absolutely no idea how, all we know is we’re going to bring you along with us on the journey.

For our ramblings on life, gear reviews or progress updates on our move to the North West Coast, follow the blog here. Follow us on Instagram or YouTube for all our wild camps or drop us a line if you fancy a chat – we’d love to hear from you!